Corr Editing

What is Corr Editing?Corr Editing with Heron

Corr Editing provides professional copyediting and proofreading services, editing books, articles, magazines, reports, press releases, and advertisements. If it contains copy, Corr Editing will work with it.

Why do you need a copyeditor?

You’ve written your piece. Maybe it’s an article, a report, a website, a book. You’ve read it over more than once and have corrected every issue you’ve found. Your spouse, parents, and best friends have all gone through it, pointing out errors they’ve seen. It should be ready for publication, right?

Not quite.

Your piece is a gemstone found in the rough; you’ve cut it to enhance its beauty, and all of the potential, weight, and worth are there. But it hasn’t been polished yet.

Professional copyeditors provide that polish. Like your friends and yourself, we will find any grammatical or word usage errors, but when doing so, we bring a professional, unbiased eye. We catch the subtleties that you overlook due to familiarity with your words and your intent. And we go beyond any grammar and word issues to edit for clarity, consistency, coherence, and adherence to style. We help your words and vision shine.

Will a copyeditor make my work grammatically correct but stilted and lifeless?


Professional copyeditors work to enhance, not supplant, the voice of the author. Your work will remain your work, and it will still sound like you. We just help to make it sound like the best you possible. And you have the final say about any changes made to your work; you control the power of “stet.”