Levels and Rates

The prices below are estimates, not quotes. Rates may vary depending on manuscript complexity, expected deadline, and other variables. If you have a technical document that requires heavy fact-checking, it will cost more. If you’re working on your first novel and can’t afford the rates, let me know; we might be able to work something out. Please email adunn@correditing.com for more information.


$.014 per word

Proofreading involves work on the final draft of a manuscript, generally after it has gone through a round of copyediting. The proofreader corrects egregious errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation but does not make substantive changes that would alter the manuscript’s layout.

Basic Copyediting

$.019 per word

Basic copyediting involves a more thorough check of the manuscript. The copyeditor will correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as edit for clarity, consistency, and style; remove awkward phrases; and suggest changes for flow and coherency. The copyeditor will also ensure that the tone is appropriate for the intended audience and check that the author has all necessary permissions.

Heavy Copyediting

$.029 per word

Heavy copyediting involves all of the work of basic copyediting, as well as deeper restructuring of sentences and paragraphs. The copyeditor will remove or define inappropriate jargon, check and correct transitions, reduce wordiness, and write or query as needed, always keeping the author’s voice intact.